Generate unlimited leads with a 41% discount on LeadClosure

Cold contact was once one of the few ways marketers massively reached out to potential customers and customers, but social media has largely changed that landscape. People are interacting with the companies they want, and many brands have in turn adapted their strategies to focus on this kind of reach.

However, cold communication may still be effective in 2022. In fact, nearly 90% of marketers rely on email as their primary lead generator. The challenge then is to find emails to reach these leads. A tool like LeadClosure can help with that, and it retails for $29.

LeadClosure is a contact collection tool for sellers and marketers that can retrieve emails and phone numbers using popular search engines. You can set targeted keywords and locations in a few clicks and LeadClosure will search those areas for leads. There is also no limit to the number of leads you can extract, so you can find thousands of contacts every day, all of whom could be a potential customer.

Take your lead generation to the next level with a lifetime subscription to the LeadClosure Email Finder, now available for $29 or 41% off.

LeadClosure Email Finder: Lifetime Subscription – $29

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