Asia Cup 2022 tickets: Asia Cup 2022 tickets how to book

Asia Cup 2022 tickets: The all-important Asia Cup will be played after an elongated four-year gap later this month.

The upcoming 15th season of the Asia Cup will be cherished by fans across the world primarily due to the reality that the prestigious tournament will be conducted after as many as four years.

As confirmed by multiple reports over the last month or so, Asia Cup 2022 will be played between August 27 – September 11. The same was confirmed after the official fixtures were announced this afternoon.

As far as the venue is concerned, UAE has been yet again entrusted to act as a replacement to host a multi-team tournament. Originally scheduled to be played in Pakistan in 2020, it was subsequently decided that the tournament would be played in Sri Lanka after PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) and SLC (Sri Lanka Cricket) swapped the hosting rights over a couple of years ago.

However, it was within a month that the tournament had to be canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic. With Sri Lanka undergoing a political turmoil, UAE was decided as a potential replacement. Readers must note that 13 matches of Asia Cup 2022 will be played in Dubai and Sharjah across 16 days.

Asia Cup 2022 tickets

A tournament comprising of one guaranteed India-Pakistan clash with the potential of encompassing two more depending on the results is bound to work well with respect to both the broadcaster and ticket sales.

Hence, it is no surprise that queries for tickets of Asia Cup 2022 have already started to do the rounds among Asian cricket fans.

Having said that, it is worth mentioning that no official update regarding tickets has been provided by the ACC (Asian Cricket Council) for now. With 25 days remaining till the start of the tournament, expect ticket sales to begin really soon.

We will share with you the detailed steps to book Asia Cup 2022 tickets once they are put on sale for general public.

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